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Ethiopian Airlines Discount – 30% for Ethiopian Diaspora

Ethiopian Airlines has announced a 30 percent discount from January 1 to January 31 for one million Ethiopian Diasporas invited to attend this year’s Christmas in their motherland.

“Great Ethiopian Home Coming offer is now open, Book from now until 20 December 2021 for travel from 01 to 31 January 2022. And enjoy up to 30 percent discount,” the Airline noted.

It is to be recalled that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has officially called on Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopians all over the world to join the Great Ethiopian Homecoming Challenge last week.

Please visit Ethiopian Airlines Official Website for the latest updates


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)s

People having an Ethiopian Origin ID, whether active or expired, are not required to obtain a visa to enter Ethiopia. Others should apply for a visa online or apply for a visa on arrival.

Passengers must present a medical certificate showing a negative COVID-19 test result before boarding a flight to Ethiopia. The test should be taken at most 120 hours before arrival.

People with Ethiopian Origin ID either active or expired can enter to Ethiopia with out visa. But they need to show either the active or the expired Ethiopian Origin ID at the airport counters. 

Ethiopian that hold non-Ethiopian passport can apply for Ethiopian origin ID online. It will be processed within 15 Days.

Please visit for Steps and Procedures to Facilitate Donations of Medicines, Medical Supplies and Equipment For Health Facility Restoration.

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