Welcoming Second Generation Ethiopians Back Home


What is ‘Back To Your Origins’?

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has made a call to second generation Ethiopians residing outside of Ethiopia to return to the country of their origins in the coming months and take time to understand their roots, culture and history, explore new and existing destinations and make connections to contribute to the future of Ethiopia. ‘Back To Your Origins’ is therefore a homecoming program heeding the call of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed designed to enable second-generation Ethiopians in Diaspora to return to source and learn, understand and get immersed in to the culture and history of Ethiopia, connect to their origins by creating social, cultural and psychological ties with Ethiopians at home country and build a sense of patriotism so that they can contribute to their country’s development. Second generation Ethiopians will also have the opportunity to share their skills, knowledge and experiences with their fellow country folk towards generating meaningful impact.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed
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When is it happening?

The official homecoming program will take place in three rounds from the end of December 2023 to the end of September 2024. Specifically the three rounds are:

Round 1

Connect to your Multi-Cultural Roots

The first round of the program is destined to enable second generation Ethiopians to experience and get reconnected to the diverse cultures, traditions, customs and features that make Ethiopians unique, and establish social and psychological ties that would help strengthen their role as ambassadors of their country of heritage and share this knowledge around the world.

Round 2

Connect to Your Historical Roots

The second round aims to enable second generation Ethiopians to discover the history of their homeland and understand the roots of their ancestral patriotism and the selfless sacrifices paid paid by our forefathers and foremothers to defend the territorial integrity and sovereignty of their country throughout various periods. These sacrifices have enabled a beacon of freedom for black people around the world, thereby building a sense of pride.

Round 3

Leave your Legacy, Savour your holiday

The third round is designed with the aim of engaging second generation Ethiopians to contribute to national endeavours by participating in national volunteerism activities for the benefit of vulnerable communities throughout the country. This round provides an opportunity to engage meaningfully while savouring vacation time.

What activities are planned?

All three rounds will include signature activities organized by various stakeholders to enable immersion and engagement. Rooted in culture, history and national development endeavours, activities are designed to enable learning, exchange, entertainment, exploration and contribution.

Key Events

Round 2: Connect to your Historical Roots

Coming Soon

Important Information

Immigration Services Information

Allocation of separate counter upon arrival at Bole International Airport

Visa on arrival for those who do not have Ethiopian by birth I.D

Facilitation of Ethiopian by birth ID service for those who need it

Information About the Issuance of On Arrival

  • On Arrival tourist visa for all African, North and South American, European and Asian countries,
  • Single entry for One month the fee rate is 80 USD.
  • Multiple entry for Three month the fee rate is 200 USD.
    • You should have Passport with minimum validity 6 months.
    • Round trip ticket.
  • Passport must have at least 2 blank pages.
  • A valid passport or another travel document issued by the appropriate body of the country of nationality.
  • A passport or a photocopy of a passport that was previously an Ethiopian nationality, or
  • Birth certificate, or
  • Proof of Inheritance issued by competent court and certified by an appropriate body from the parents of the family who are/were Ethiopians, the originals with two copies, or
  • The original and two copies of a document proving that he was an adoptee from his Ethiopian parents, certified by regular courts, or
  • A person or documentary evidence of Ethiopian origin issued by a competent Ethiopian court and verified by the appropriate body, or
  • A document evidence issued by a competent Ethiopian court and certified by an appropriate body, who had been Ethiopian national before acquiring a foreign nationality, or at least one of his parents or grandparents or great-grand parents was an Ethiopian national;
  • Three recent passport size photographs.
  • Fill out the form at the Bole international airport specially designed for Ethiopian ID card applicants.
  • 300 USD fee for regular and two-day expedite fee 400 USD.
  • Taking the ID at a special counter set up by the Immigration and citizenship Service for Ethiopian ID card applicants.
  • Copy of birth ID card;
  • A valid passport or another travel document issued by the appropriate body of the country of nationality.  
  • Three recent passport size photographs.
  • An affidavit signed jointly by the couple must be attached to confirm that the marriage is valid.
  • 300 USD fee for regular and two-day expedite fee 400 USD.
  • Two copies of the child’s passport, the original of which is valid for at least 6 months,
  • Original of valid birth certificate along with two copies.
  • The original and two copies of the Ethiopian origin identity card of the parent,
  • Attach 3 recent full-face photographs of the child along with two application forms,
  • 100 USD fee for regular and two-day expedite fee 200 USD.
  • A copy of the spouse’s passport valid for at least six months,
  • The original and two copies of a certified marriage certificate that is at least two years old,
  • The original and two copies of the valid Ethiopian origin identity card of the husband or his spouse,
  • Three recent passport size photographs of the spouse/husband,
  • An affidavit signed jointly by the couple must be attached to prove that the marriage is valid,
  • Fill in the form specially prepared for Ethiopian origin Identity card applicants at Bole International Airport.
  • 300 USD fee for regular and two-day expedite fee 400 USD.
  • Taking the Ethiopia origin identity card at the immigration and citizenship service office at a special counter set up for Ethiopian ID card applicants,

Information on items for donation

  1. Blood Bank Instruments
  2. Ophthalmic Instruments
  3. Dental Instruments
  4. Set- Orthopedic Instruments
  5. Set – Orthodontics instrument
  6. Set – Periodontal instruments
  7. Set – Prosthodontics Instruments
  8. Set Instrument, surgical Pediatric besics 
  9. Assistive Device for Vision
  10. Assistive Device for Hearing
  11. Assistive Device for Arrenged At Mobility
  12. Dialysis Machine
  13. Endoscope – Trans urethral resectoscope
  14. Lithotripter – Extracorporeal shock wave
  15. Endoscope – Cysto Uretheroscope
  16. Endoscope – Ureterorenoscope Each
  17. Incubator – Newborn
  18. Bed – Patient, ICU
  19. Bed – Patient, ICU, Manual
  20. Bed – Patient, ICU, Electrohydraulic Each
  21. Monitor – Patient
  22. Warmer – Radiant, Infant
  23. Monitor – Patient, Central
  24. Ventilator – ICU, Mechanical
  25. Heart Lung Machine
  26. Set – Oral and maxillofacial surgery
  27. X-Ray – Dental, Cephalometric
  28. CX-Ray – Dental, Digital, with RVG
  29. Cryosurgical Unit – Derma, Electrical
  30. Laser Machine – Derma
  31. Endoscope – Upper and Lower, GI Scope
  32. Endoscope – Laryngoscope
  33. Endoscope – Colonoscope
  34. Set – Vesicovaginal fistula
  35. Endoscope – Hysteroscope
  36. Monitor – Fetal
  37. Cryosurgical Unit – Gyn, Electrical
  38. MRI Machine – 1.5 T
  39. CT Scan Machine
  40. Ultrasound – General Purpose, Color Doppler
  41. Centrifuge – Refrigerated, Blood Bank
  42. Refrigerator – Blood Bank
  43. Refrigerator – Mortuary
  44. X Ray – Fluoroscopy, C-Arm, Digital
  45. X-Ray – Radiography with Fluoroscopy, Digital
  46. Ultrasound – Echo Cardiography
  47. Freezer – Plasma
  48. Microscope – Fluorescence
  49. PCR Machine – Thermal Cycler
  50. Microscope – With Multi Head Teaching Scope


51.  Artemether + Lumefanthrine – 20mg+120mg (6×1) -Tablet (Dispersible)
52.  Artemether + Lumefanthrine – 20mg+120mg (6×2) -Tablet (Dispersible)
53.  Artemether + Lumefanthrine – 20mg + 120mg (6×3) – Tablet
54.  Artemether + Lumefanthrine – 20mg + 120mg (6×4) – Tablet 30
55.  Artesunate – 100mg – Suppository
56.  Chloroquine Phosphate – 150mg – Tablet 10×10
57.  Chloroquine Phosphate – 50mg base/5ml – Syrup 60ml
58.  Primaquine Phosphate – 7.5mg base – Tablet 10×10
59 . Quinine Sulphate – 300mg – Tablet

  60.  Chemical – Acetone Alcohol – 50% – Solution
  61.  Chemical – Safranin – 0.25% – Solution
  62.  Chemical – Gram’s Iodine – 0.33% – Solution
  63.  Chemical – Giemsa Stain – 0.76% – Solution
  64.  Chemical – Immersion Oil – Refractive Index of 1.515
  65.  Clinical Chemistry – Albumin Liqucolor
  67.  Clinical Chemistry – Alfa Amylase 100ml
  68.  Clinical Chemistry – Bilirubin Direct(BILD

   69. Catheter Condom Latex Medium – 28mm85. Catheter Foley Siliconized Latex Three Ways – 30-50ml Balloon 18CH
   70. Catheter Foley Siliconized Latex Three Ways – 30-50ml Balloon 20CH
   71. Catheter Foley Siliconized Latex Three Ways -5-15ml Balloon 14CH
   72. Catheter Foley Siliconized Latex Three Ways- 5-15ml Balloon 8CH
   73. Catheter Foley Siliconized Latex Two Ways – 30-50ml Balloon 16CH
   74. Catheter Nasal Oxygen for Adult
   75. Catheter Nasal Oxygen for Paediatrics

Suggestion for visitors

Travel Trends and Exit Survey

In 2002, 45 million international backpacking trips were taken and 44 million in 2017.
YearTotal Number
20076.6 mil.
202110.3 mil.
Profile Of Backpackers
  • Historically, the age range of 20 to 25 has been associated with the highest number of backpackers. Between 2002 and 2017, the average age of backpackers climbed from 23 to 24 years old. In both 2002 and 2007, two-thirds of backpackers belonged to this age group; in 2017, their share remained just under 60%. Since the early 2000s, the percentage of backpackers in their 30s has doubled (from 5% in 2002 to 10% in 2017).
Motivation for Travel
  • Both museum and nightclub visits declined significantly between 2002 and 2017. Meanwhile, language learning among backpackers has become more popular, rising from below 12% in 2002 to more than 32% in 2017. 52. Living like a local is also appealing to more backpackers, from 12% in 2002 to 32% in 2017.
Length of Stay
  • Between 2013 and 2016, the average duration of a backpacking trip decreased from 217 days to only 179 days.
  • Widening their range of accommodations, in 2022, 21% of backpackers used Airbnb as their accommodation.
Spending pattern
  • A lot more backpackers are earning money while backpacking than before. In 2002, only about 3% of backpackers did this compared to a whopping 16% in 2017.
  • In Europe, since 2007, the average amount that backpackers spend per trip has remained between €3,200 and €3,400. This is a significant increase from the average backpacker’s spending of €1,980 in 2002.
  • In 2007, the top 5 countries for backpackers were Australia, Thailand, the US, Italy, and France; in 2017, the top 5 were the same with addition to Spain and Thailand having been bumped down to place 6.
  • The main backpacker destination of 2017 was USA, which was visited by 10% of all backpackers taking over Australia, which was the number one backpacking destination in 2007 with 11% of all backpackers.
Attractiveness Factors Affordability
  • In 2022, Vientiane, Laos, ranked as the world’s most affordable city for backpacking, with an average daily cost of $19.39. This included public transportation, dorm beds, meals, entertainment, and beers. Other top destinations were Luang Prabang, Pokhara, Chiang Mai, and Hanoi. Quito and Sucre in Latin America were the most affordable, with daily costs of $25. Kiev, in Europe, was the most affordable city for backpackers, with daily average prices of $37.69.17 in 2022.
  • Asia is the top destination for backpackers due to its affordable prices and excellent infrastructure. With 6,000 hostels, Asia hosts over one-third of all hostels worldwide. Thailand and Vietnam have the most hostels, with 287 and 435 respectively. Europe has 30% of all hostels worldwide, while Africa has the fewest, with around 500 hostels across the continent.
  1. World Youth and Students Education Travel Confederation-Highlights
  2. Global Report on The Power of Youth Travel UNWTO and WYSETC, 2016
  3. THE BACKPACKER TOURIST: A CONTEMPORARY PERSPECTIVE by Márcio Ribeiro Martins and Rui Augusto, Emerald Publishing Limited ,2022
Criteria = Age 18-25 + Purpose, Leisure  → 33 respondents
  • On Self arranged trip → 25 respondents
with average length of stay of 9.2 days/Nights and spending of 1,687.26 USD in Ethiopia
  • Prepaid Package → 8 respondents
with average length of stay of 11.25 days/Nights and spending of 1,227.83 on package and 1,558.05 USD in Ethiopia

Discount Services

You can conveniently purchase their flight tickets at any Ethiopian Airlines ticket office worldwide. Furthermore, our dedicated area offices have already been informed of this fantastic offer and are eagerly poised to provide them with outstanding service.

Hotels in Ethiopia extend their warm welcome to second generation Ethiopians to their homeland and are pleased to announce that a 25% discount has been made from their normal rate.

Tour Operators are also honoured to announce that they have designed a wide range of tour packages that would enable second generation Ethiopians to enjoy experiential travels and immerse themselves in to authentic experiences. They have also made significant discounts on the packages they sell.

Ethiopian Tourist guides warmly welcomes their second generation brothers and sisters promising to offer guiding services through marvellously varied tourist attractions of the country without any professional fees.

No.Hotel’s NameStarHotel ‘ s Telephone NoWebsite
1Archi Hotel 3011-6-46-69-59Not Found 
2Addis View Hotel3011-1-24-97-66Not Found 
3Adore  Addis hotel 309-86-30-30-30Not Found 
4Bole Ambassador Hotel3011- 6-18 82-84/81Not Found 
5Aphrodite International Hotel30115  572  220/28/29Not Found 
6Ararat Hotel3011 -4-64- 11-66/
Not Found 
7Astara Hotel3011-4-67-01-52Not Found 
8Bealeta Hotel Apartemnt3011-4-70-82-92Not Found 
9Garden Inn3011-6-18 -25-95Not Found 
10Betheleham Gebru(Abegaz) Hotel3011-6-35-60-20Not Found 
11Blue-Sky Hotel309-66-20-49-04/
Not Found 
12Caravan Hotel3011 661 2297/98Not Found 
13Churchill  Hotel3011- 1-56- 87-46Not Found 
14Cot Hotel3011-6-68-64-92Not Found 
15Dankel Hotel 3011-1-11-14-01Not Found 
16Diamond Hotel3011-6-16-01-77Not Found 
17Edna Addis Hotel3011- 5-50- 70-03/
011- 5-50- 77-27
Not Found 
18Embilta Hotel3011 -2-75- 87-87/57Not Found 
19Ethiopia Hotel3011 -5-51- 74-00Not Found 
20Eyomer Hotel3011-6-16-16-64-72Not Found 
21Emmad  Hotel30116 292 129Not Found 
22Foyat Hotel3011 -6-60 -70-96/
Not Found 
23Hadmes Hotel 3011-3-87-08-80Not Found 
24Hotel Lobelia3011 -6-67 -38-50Not Found 
25Hotel Tirago 309-63-63-63-74/84Not Found 
26Holiday Hotel 3011-6-18-08-42Not Found 
27Impress Hotel3011-6-67-44-70Not Found 
28Kaleb Hotel3011 -6-62 -22-00Not Found 
29Kenenisa Hotel3011 -6-67-24-23/34Not Found 
30Kings Hotel3011 -3-71 -13-00Not Found 
31Marcen Addis Hotel3011-6-35-41-01Not Found 
32Medal Hotel309-11-95-16-48/011-6-39-38-20Not Found 
33Moonlight Hotel3011-6-66-37-48Not Found 
34Monarch Hotel3011- 6-67- 24-80/72/38Not Found 
35Mosy Hotel 3011-4-70-10-90/0908252525Not Found 
36Opal  Stone Hotel309-74-44-15-15Not Found 
37New Day Hotel 3011-6-43-37-07Not Found 
38Panorama Hotel309-11-83-66-92Not Found 
39Reliance Hotel Apartment3011- 6-67- 20- 47Not Found 
40Southern Addis Hotel3011-6-61-05-15/05Not Found 
41Sabon International hotel3011-6-39-35-35Not Found 
42Sidra International Hotel3011 -6-61- 77-77Not Found 
43Sun View Hotel3011-6-67-4956Not Found 
44Sowirad Hotel309-12-15-05-24Not Found 
45Stay Easy Hotel3011-6-61-44-80Not Found 
46Tizeze Hotel3011-6-39-20-00Not Found 
47The Residence Hotel 30115 571 075Not Found 
48The Hub hotel30116 686 688Not Found 
49Tewodros Belay Hotel3011-6-68-01-45Not Found 
50Top Ten Hotel3011-6-46-02-66/4449Not Found 
51Union Hotel Apprtemnt 309-29-91-49-50Not Found 
52Venetian Hotel3011-8-22-93-74Not Found 
53Wabe Shebele Hotel3011 -5-51-71-87Not Found 
54Wassamar Hotel3011- 6-61 -00-55/59Not Found 
55YadmZewd Hotel 3011-1-26-50-10Not Found 
56Yober Hotel3011-6-68-43-01Not Found 
57Yobo Hotel30115 571 611Not Found 
58Yina Hotel3011-1-72-70-50Not Found 
59Zigzag Hotel and spa30114 702 013Not Found 
60Zola Hotel3011-6-67-33-33/34-33Not Found 
61Zmama Hotel30116 673 032/2993/Not Found 
No.Hotel’s NameStarHotel ‘ s Telephone NoWebsite 
1Amran Hotel4011-5-57-36-90Not Found 
2Addissinia Hotel4011 -6-62 -36-34Not Found 
3Azzeman Hotel4011-6-39-31-31/3232Not Found 
4Base Ethiopia int Hotel4011-6-62-21-21Not Found 
5Berlottue Hotel4011-6-67-61-81Not Found 
6Bellvue Hotel4011-6-67-67-00Not Found 
7Best Western Plus Hotel4011-3-16-01-77Not Found 
8Best western Plus pearl Addis4011-6-67-20-03/06/08Not Found 
9BonRoyal Hotel40116171111Not Found 
10Cassiopeia Hotel40116 192 000Not Found 
11Checkinn Hotel4011-8-22-53-53Not Found 
12Desalegn Hotel4011 -6-62- 45-24Not Found 
13Deber Damu Hotel4011-6-61-26-30Not Found 
14Dream liner  Hotel 4011- 4-67- 40-00Not Found 
15Elgel Hotel and Spa4011-3-69-97-18Not Found 
16Eliana Hotel 4011-1-26-26-00
Not Found 
17Friendship International Hotel4011- 6-67- 02-02Not Found 
18Grand Palace Hotel 409-36-30-65-33Not Found 
19Harmony Hotel4011 -6-18 -31-00/
Not Found 
20Heyday Hotel4011-4-70-90-89/7994Not Found 
21Hotel De Leopol4011 -5-51- 96-14Not Found 
22Jupiter International Hotel 4011 -5-52 -73-33/
011- 6-61 -69-69
Not Found 
23Magnolia Hotel4011-6-39-38-24Not Found 
24Momona Hotel4011-6-67-22-01/07Not Found 
25Nazra Hotel4011 -4-67- 44-65Not Found 
26Nexus Hotel4011 -6-67-00-67Not Found 
27Saromaria Hotel 4011-6-67-21-67Not Found 
28Sapphire Addis Hotel4011-6-39-32-56/
Not Found 
29Sarem International Hotel4011- 1-26- 20-76/88/84Not Found 
30Ramada Addis Hotel40116-393939Not Found 
31Tulip Inn Hotel4011-4-70-28-47Not Found 
32Tirar Hotel4011-5-57-71-50/52/58Not Found 
33Triple hotel and Spa40116 662 135/35/36Not Found 
34Vibes Hotel and Spa40116 594 007/06Not Found 
35Washington Hotel4011 -6-39- 22-39
36Stay Easy  Plus40981252525www.stayeasyplus.com
37Yoly Addis Hotel4011-6-63- 28-28re+A66:E104servation@yolyhotel.com


No.Hotel’s NameStarHotel ‘s Telephone NoWebsite
1Capital Hotel and Spa5011-619-20-00www.capitalhotelandspa.com
2Best Western Primier addis Hotel5114174100www.bwprimieraddis.com
3Ellily International Hotel5011-5-58-77-77Not Found 
4Ethiopia Sky Light Hotel50116-81-81-81Not Found 
5Getfam Hotel5011-6-67-31-75
6Golden Tulip Hotel5011- 6-18- 33-33Not Found 
7Haile Grand Hotel50116 670 000Not Found 
8Hyatt Reagency Hotel5011-5-57-12-34Not Found 
9Inter Luxury  Addis Hotel5011-5-18-04-44
10Marriotte Executive Apartment5011-5-18-46-00/
Not Found 
11Radisson Blu Hotel5011- 5-15-76-01Not Found 
12Sheraton Addis Hotel5011- 5-17- 17-17Not Found 
13Sapphire Addis Hotel5011-6-39-32-56/
Not Found