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If Israel is the first country which flickers your mind in relation to the three monotheist religion; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam the second nation will be surely Ethiopia. Life in Ethiopia is highly influenced by religion. Sometimes it’s a tricky task to draw a line between religion and culture. The biblical reference indicates that the writer of the Torah; Moses was guided and mentored by the Ethiopian man Jethro. Ethiopia is also mentioned in the psalter of King David as a country which ‘will stretch out her hands to God’. The most intriguing and sacred relic of our planet the Arks of the covenant also makes their way to Ethiopia by the 10th century BC and rests here till now.

The introduction of Christianity to Ethiopia is also dated back to the period of the apostle. Despite it become the official state religion by the 4th century AD, many historians believed that Ethiopia is the first nation to be Christian on planet earth even before Armenia.

When the Quraysh nobility chase Prophet Mohammed and his followers the prophet ordered a flee to Ethiopia including his daughter Rukiya and her husband Osman by telling them Ethiopia is the land of the righteous king. Even before Islam becomes the official religion in Saudi Arabia the refugees were worshipping Islam in Ethiopia.

Since then Religion makes the way of life of peoples. Apart from that, the religions left invaluable written heritages, architectural mastery, art, and the science of astronomy, art of music, and colorful annual festivals which begs exploration from every corner of the planet.