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Ethiopian Orthodox girl’s festival

This festival is one of the unique and colorful festivals in Northern Ethiopia.  Girls of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church celebrate this festival annually by the end of a fasting period called Filesta between 16-26 August every year. The festival which named Ashenda, Shadey, Ashndeye, Aynewari, and Solele is reserved only for young girls. The word Ashenda stands for the “tall green grass” which in the minimum has  80-90 centimeter height. Girls put the tall grass on their waist by gathering in groups and going out into streets, they stage different traditional dances chanting heart titillating songs beating a special drum with their hands. As they go out at their best they lure the opposite sex, with peeled eyes who are alert to choose their best. In most cases, the girls win suitors. Be a part of this vibrating and intriguing festival in all parts of Tigray and the northern part of the Amhara region.