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Kafa Biosphere Reserve

The largest and most accessible of three UNESCO-recognised biosphere reserves in Ethiopia’s western highlands, the 7,600km2 Kafa Biosphere Reserve is the sole home of many coffee varieties that still grow wild in the region. The reserve incorporates large tracts of montane rainforest, an important reserve of sustainable forest products such as forest cardamom, forest pepper, and honey.

The biosphere reserve’s main tourist center is Bonga, a pleasant forest-fringed town that will soon open the Bonga International Coffee Museum, and has as a tourist office offers guided day and overnight walks to a stunning natural rock formation known God’s Bridge, and the Mother Coffee Tree, the world’s oldest living plant of its type. Wildlife likely to be seen in the region includes the black-and-white colobus monkey, while a wonderful diversity of highland forest and grassland birds includes 11 species endemic to Ethiopia.

What to See?

The biosphere reserve system keeps an important bundle of biodiversity. Unique fauna and flora dominate the biosphere reserve system. The largest wild coffee forest in Ethiopia is found here. A number of bird species and the coffee museum in Bonga are also additional experiences.

Practical information before your trip to

Kafa Biosphere Reserve

The keffa biosphere reserve is best accessed from the town of Jimma (325 km from Addis Ababa). Ethiopian Airlines has a daily scheduled flight from Jimma. Then from Jimma, you can drive to the Keffa region capital Bonga by renting a private car in Jimma. You can also bring your own car from Addis Ababa which will help you to visit the town Jimma and the coffee forest of Agaro en route to Bonga. The road from Jimma to Bonga is 120 km asphalt road.

There are locally based guides in the town of Bonga. They are helpful and will take you to every part of the biosphere reserve system. They will make your stay safe and pleasant.

There are few budget hotels in the town of bonga. If you don’t need to stay in Bonga not you can drive back to Jimma and spend your night there. If you bring camping materials and food items camping can also be an option.