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Awash park and Doho Hotsprings

Awash National Park protects a semiarid tract of Rift Valley floor inhabited by dry-country antelope such as the handsome Beisa oryx and magnificent spiral-horned greater kudu. A bird checklist of almost 500 species includes Arabian bustard, African swallow-tailed kite, northern carmine bee-eater, Abyssinian roller, and the endemic yellow-throated serin and near-endemic rock chat. Scenic highlights include the spectacular crater of Fantelle Volcano and peculiar Lake Beseka set amidst stark black volcanic rubble at its base, as well as the surging waterfall at the head of the Awash Gorge and a field of palm-lined hot springs regularly frequented by Hamadryas baboons. A dusk visit to Aga Edu Cave might reveal some of the 20-plus spotted hyenas that have their dens there.

Doho Lodge & Hot Springs is an eco-lodge situated at the northern edge of Awash National Park. It provides accommodation with a variety of meals and drinks. Rooms are self-contained and separated from their neighbors. They are traditionally constructed and give leisure. The Lodge is known for owning one of the world’s class hot spring pools. It is also super for bird watchers and game driving or wildlife viewing, mountain and forest trekking, hyena seeing, and fishing.

What to See?

Awash National park is the best spot to see an important diversity of bird species,  Beisa oryx and Ostriches. Apart from the Awash river waterfall and the mesmerizing doho hotsprings are the main sites to be discovered.

Practical information before your trip to

Awash park and Doho Hotsprings

Awash park is found 230 km from the capital Addis Ababa. Private tour companies in Addis Ababa can arrange your trip to Awash park. Daily Public buses are also available from Addis Ababa. For easy travel and better convenience, renting a private tour car is the best option.

Once you arrived there, you can visit the park with the park wardens. Awash falls lodge also can arrange your visit within the park.

There are two lodges within the Awash National park. The Awash falls lodge and the doho Hotspring lodge are the ideal lodging options inside the park. There also some standard hotels in the town of Awash 7 and 40.