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Arbaminch and Nech sar National Park

Considered more as a point of departure for the southern extremities of Ethiopia, including the Omo Valley, the city of Arba Minch’s is full of natural wonder and beauty. The city which nestled on the shores of Abaya Lake got its name from the numerous springs that feed a groundwater forest, and the Kulfo River, which drains into Lake Chamo. The area is rich in many tiny springs that bubble up from the ground. You can see many of them as you hike through Nechisar National Park. Abra Minch sits on the edge of Nech Sar National Park, which houses Lake Chamo and Abaya, the second biggest by surface area in Ethiopia, as well as beautiful mountain landscapes and forests, including God’s Bridge, a mountainous area of dense acacia scrub separating the two lakes.

What to See?

There are myriad of products and spots that you can see in Arbaminch

  • Separated from Lake Chomo by the “Bridge of God,” an isthmus covered by Nechisar National Park, Lake Abaya is Ethiopia’s second-largest lake. The isthmus is a popular spot for wildlife viewing.
  • The crocodile which enjoys a sunbath on the shore of Lake chamo is a joy to see.
  • The plethora of birds within Nechsar national park is the perfect spot for bird watchers.
  • The crocodile ranching farm is also one of the places of interest in Arbaminch.
  • Arbaminch and its surrounding is also the granary of Ethiopian banana production. Check out the banana farm during your stay.

Practical information before your trip to

Arbaminch and Nech sar National Park

Arbaminch which found 505 km from the capital Addis Ababa can be accessed both on surface drive and flight. Ethiopian Airlines has a daily scheduled flight to Arabmainch.

Both national tour companies and local tour operators in Arbaminch can arrange your trip in Arbaminch. To explore the city you can use Bajajs (Tuk Tuk) and experience the boats if you need to see the crocodiles and hippos in lake chamo.

Arbaminch is one of the finest places in Ethiopia with lodging facilities. Here you can find 5-star resorts and lodges such as Haile Resort Arba Minch, Ezana Hotel, Tourist Hotel, Slayish Hotel, Paradise Lodge, and Emderland Lodge. Budget hotels also available according to your trip plan.