Alitash National Park

The park is bordered by Dinder national park of Sudan, which upholds its ideal site for an ecological corridor to wildlife conservation, transboundary tourism, and ecotourism. Above and beyond the affluence of flora and fauna it also enriched in historical, cultural, and traditional attractions.

What to See?

Wildlife: Elephant, Greater and Lesser Kudu, Lion and Leopard.

Birds: Ostrich, Chestnut billed starling, and other starlings. Undulating savannah plains interrupted by valleys, streams, scattered hills, and seasonal wetlands make this National Park a great destination. A visit to Alitash also offers the chance for observing rich cultural interactions and historical sites.


Alatish is a newly established national park that is located in Quara woreda of Northern Gondar Zone.

Park wardens will take you around within the park.

There is a campsite and eco-tourism lodge inside the park. But the small town of Gelegu at the gate of the park offers you some basic hotels.