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Entoto Park

Initiated by the prime minister of Ethiopia like Unity Park, Entoto Park was inaugurated and opened to visitors by 30th of September 2020. A place which once only the flocking spot of laities to Entoto Maryam Zion church and Ethiopia’s legend long-distance runner for training has now turned to an ideal weekend retreat and day out.

The mountain which called to be ‘the lung of Addis Ababa’ is covered with lush eucalyptus forest. The forest which stays paltry of use now turned to a mesmerizing park with a bounty of services and activities.  The multi-purpose park contains indoor and outdoor facilities built mostly with local materials. It is equipped with various facilities like cafes, restaurants, horseback riding, spas, artificial lake, go-kart, biking, library, and cinema as well as sports centers. Visitors can have a taste of authentic Ethiopian coffee at the park served by major brands in the country such as Kaldis’ and Tomoca. Pioneering Ethiopian resorts Kuriftu has also a charming capacious restaurant. Art galleries and children’s playing grounds are also available.