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Bilalul Habeshi Museum

Considered to be the pioneer nation in hosting the religion of Islam, Ethiopia keeps one of the fascinating early history of Islam and a large treasure trove of the oldest Islamic artifacts. Despite the early foothold of Islam in Ethiopia is found in the northern part of Ethiopia, there is a great chance of unearthing priceless Islamic artifacts and collections in Addis Ababa. Bilal Habashi Museum which is founded by Bilal Association is found in “Mechanisa” neighborhood, in the center of Addis Ababa. This is probably one of the right places to know more about the oldest Islamic heritage of Ethiopia in a single place.

The Museum, which has been formed with the help of volunteers and donations of historical monuments, consists of four main halls, including a collection of architectural works from mosques and historical tombs of Muslims, and a section for images of religious figures and sheiks, leaders, elders and the kings of the tribes. There is also a special hall for the oldest manuscripts and Islamic writings of Ethiopia, and there is a booth for the tools used by Muslims as utensils, traditional clothing, and other tools related to Islam and Muslims in Ethiopia.