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Alalobed Hot Springs

Allolabad is dotted with steam vents and small craters of hot mud and hissing gases, but most beautiful are several pools of hot water. These pools have an unusual, deep green, blue and yellow color. They are incredibly deep and are filled with hot, steaming water. In one pool there is observed nearly constant geyser – Allallobeda Spouter, which often is 6 m tall but in rare cases – even 30 m tall. The surface of the water in this pool is 97°C hot. There is one more geyser in another spring – it is just 0.3 m tall. Some more springs are pulsating, sometimes boiling more intensely. Further to the north-west, there are remnants of an earlier, extinct geothermal field.

What to See?

The bubbling geyser serves as a steam bath and instrumental to make food. The hot and simmering mud in the area is said to be a cure for skin diseases.

Practical information before your trip to

Alalobed Hot Springs

Allolabad can be accessed both by flight and surface drive. Ethiopian Airlines has a scheduled flight to the regional capital Samara. From Samara you can drive southward towards Logia or southeast towards Dubti town. There with less than a 30 km drive, you can reach to the Alalobed hot springs.  Visitors also can reach Alalobed both from Addis Ababa and the Danakil depression. If you are coming from Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa-Awash- Samara route is the better option.

Local guides and community leaders will take you around on the geysers of Alalobed. walking is the only way to get around in Hadar.

There are lodging facilities both in Samara and Logia towns. Camping also the other option to spend a night near the hotsprings. Make sure you bring camping materials and camping personnel with you.